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Tailwind Unlock The Best Reasons Need In Blog Website

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Primary Blog/Tailwind for Pinterest/Tailwind Unlock The Best Reasons Need In Blog Website
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Wondering if you should use Tailwind for Pinterest to increase your Blog Website Traffic

I have used Tailwind for Pinterest as a Business Box Developer every day for two years, and I want to share my experience with you.

Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms for bringing traffic to your Blog website.
Especially for those of you who have a new blog and are still waiting for SEO to kick in. While that may take several months, using Pinterest can fast-track your blog traffic.

If you’re not driving much traffic from Pinterest yet, Tailwind for Pinterest is the perfect solution!

What is Tailwind for Pinterest? 

Tailwind is an official Pinterest & Facebook Partner, meaning it offers the insights and tools that work best in achieving results for you. You can rest easy knowing that your account is safe.

Tailwind for Pinterest is an approved auto-scheduler that helps you maximize your Pinterest traffic while minimizing the effort.

Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner.

pinterest marketing

Tailwind for Pinterest is the #1 Pinterest scheduling tool. You will select the optimal time and accelerate your traffic growth, guided by the latest Pinterest best practices.

Tailwind has the best tools kit to help you get the most out of Pinterest. You will make an excellent investment to bring organic traffic to your Blog Website. Your goal is always to get more page views for your Blog Website.

It helps you get your content in front of your target audiences efficiently and cost-effectively.

Some of the other vital things Tailwind for Pinterest does include:

  • ​I'd like you to please provide you with related content for you to share.
  • ​Boosts your reach.
  • ​It gives you insights into which pins and boards are performing better, 
  • ​It helps ​ensure you don’t spam with several posts of the same pin.

However, Tailwind, at first glance, looks complicated.
There are many buttons and options to push, especially if using a Pro plan.

You may wonder how to use Tailwind for Pinterest, as it’s overwhelming. And if you’re anything like me, you want to jump into things and start Automating those social media!

pinterest marketing tips

Should I use Tailwind for Pinterest?

I found and tested the top Tailwind features I love, and I can share with you why you should use Tailwind for Pinterest.
You should consider making your Tailwind app experience so much better, especially if you are still waiting for your SEO for your new Blog Website.

1. Auto Scheduling Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind for Pinterest is an Auto-Scheduling tool; this is the number one reason to use Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule your pins on Autopilot.
You don’t have to spend much time on Pinterest every day to pin all the time.
Pin always at the best time so your audience discovers content when looking for it.
Pinterest rewards consistency.

Pinterest best practice FAQ, pinners who pin 10-25 per day at the most optimized time get the best result.

Tailwind’s “Smart Schedule” feature can help you set the number of pins you want to schedule daily and optimise the best time to pin when your audience is most active.

It will look like this :

  • ​You can choose your time zone.
  • ​You will set 10 pins of pins for the day.
  • ​Green time slots are the optimized time's Tailwind suggested for you to pin.
  • ​The light green time slots are additional time slots that Tailwind suggested.
  • ​You can create a personalized schedule for your audience.

2. Tailwind Tribe to Get More traffic for Pinterest

Are you tired of pinning hundreds of Pinterest group boards and unsure if they work for you?

I want to introduce The best two futures in Tailwind :

  • ​Tailwind Auto-scheduling that is going to help you reduce time.
  • ​Tailwind Tribe ​will maximize your effort and massively increase your reach on Pinterest.

What is Tailwind Tribe?

It is a better version of the Pinterest group board for content creators to share high-quality pins to increase their reach and grow organic traffic.

Tailwind Tribes are groups of business owners that get together and agree to share each other pins on their profiles. So, I'd like to explain what I mean by this.

Tailwind Tribes are hosted by Tailwind, an application I use for scheduling Pins to Pinterest, and it’s one of the best schedulers out there for Pinterest that I have tested. They’re an approved Pinterest and Facebook partner as well. I highly recommend using Tailwind if you’re not already a user.

Why does the Tailwind tribe work better than the Pinterest group board?

Tribe owners highly monitor each Tailwind tribe. Everyone is required to share others’ pins. As a result, you will get a higher re-sharing rate of your pins.

You can pin higher-quality pins from tribemates. This will drive a higher engagement rate from your audience.

Preview the tribes and check out their statistics before you join the new tribe. By searching tribes from different niches, Tailwind will show you how active each tribe is before you decide the ones that are right for you.

For every pin that you add to the tribe, you need to share someone else’s pin onto your profile. So what this means for this other person is that their content is now being put in front of your followers.

This also means that if other tribe members pick up your content, it’ll be put in front of their followers.

Tailwind Tribes can drastically increase your reach, get you in front of new audiences, even if you don’t already have an audience, and grow your traffic and visibility on Pinterest.

Tailwind Tribes are excellent for sharing and repining your pins and can help to explode your blog traffic.

Does that mean the Pinterest group boards are dead?

The short answer is NO.

While they don’t work as well as they used to, there is still value in joining group boards with good management and an actual share of the pins.

3. Schedule Multi-Boards

This is Another time-saving feature on Tailwind for Pinterest.

If you know Pinterest, you can save only one pin to 1 board at a time.

Say there is a pin relevant to more than one board; instead of pinning multiple times on Pinterest over some time, you can do that on Tailwind in less time.

To make it faster and more efficient, you can use the “Board list” in the Tailwind feature to create a set of boards under a list name. This list name will show up when you pick the boards for your next pin; click that, and it will automatically show all boards created under that list.

4. Tailwind Analytics

It provides statistics on every aspect so you can keep tweaking your Pinterest strategy based on what’s working and what's not.

The profile performance tracks the number of followers, the number of pins shared, and the repined.

The most valuable analytics is the “Board Insights.” It shows you how each of your boards performs. The higher the Viral Pin score, the better that particular board works for you.

5. Tailwind Smart Guide for Pinterest Traffic

You can stay Up to Date on Pinterest’s Best Practices So You Can Grow Fearlessly with those tools in Tailwind.

Active Monitoring:

Rest easy knowing SmartGuide will alert you if it spots risky behavior that could reduce your overall reach.

Recommended Best Practices:

Get recommendations and easy fixes to maintain a healthy queue of scheduled Pins.
Tailwind released this feature to help users improve their marketing results on Pinterest by recommending the best practices.
It is like having your personal Pinterest virtual assistant that monitors your pinning behaviors and alerts you whether you’re pinning too much or too little. Moreover, it provides suggestions on how to fix it.

Pinterest Smart Guide:

Over time, it will update you with the latest Pinterest best practices as they evolve. This way, you can always stay on top of your Pinterest strategy to get the best traffic for your Blog Website.

pinterest marketing tailwind

Design by Business Box Developer © All rights reserved

6. Tailwind SmartLoop

The SmartLoop is one of the best features to allow users to add their most popular pins to the looping schedule, and Tailwind will continue to re-pin them repeatedly until you remove the pin from the list. You comply with Pinterest’s best practices while still getting your content shared again and again.

How to Add Pins Through Tailwind Dashboard:

Navigate to Publisher > SmartLoop. You will see the loops listed. You can select the Loop you want to add a pin to.

How to Add to The Loop directly from your Blog Website or the Pinterest Smart Feed;

You can also add pins to the Loop directly from your website or the Smart Feed. To pin from your site, navigate to your post and click the social sharing icon you usually use to pin on Pinterest. If you are on Pinterest, click on the pin to expand it.

On the Tailwind schedule screen, select Add to SmartLoop. Select the Loop to which you want to add the pin, which will be included. You can also add new boards where you want that pin to loop. Once you are happy with the boards on the list, click Loop, and your pins will be added.

Pinterest wants you to post new pins. They do not want the same image to be pinned to the same board too many times a year. The best practice is to pin the same image to the same board no more than 2 – 3 times a year.

Rather than remembering when you pinned that image to any given board, add it to your Smart Loop and let Tailwind do the work for you!

How To Maximise Your Pinterest Presence With SmartLoop:

Constantly searching out new content can be exhausting! Even with recommendations from Pinterest or Tailwind, you can end up Pinning a few duds now and then, and it can feel like a lot of work to get in the number of Pins you’re looking for every day.

The SmartLoop maximizes engagement on your content by constantly republishing it over time. It continually mines your past pins, then re-pins your best pins at the best schedule. This will fill in any pinning gaps you might have, and not only that, it will fill those gaps with your very best resurrected Pins!

7. Tailwind Communities To Amplify Your Visibility in Pinterest

Tailwind Communities allows you to boost your pin's visibility faster inside Pinterest.

There are Tailwind Communities for niches and general topics. Some Communities are an extension of Facebook groups as well. You can join the group you like and feel works best for your blog website topics. For example, I’m a member of a few Pinterest marketing bloggers in Tailwind Communities.

When you’re scheduling your Pinterest pins using Tailwind, you can also select to have that pin pinned on your favorite Tailwind Community board.

Once on the board, your Community members can re-share your pin only if they find it attractive and exciting.

This is yet another reason to make a creative effort in how you design your Pinterest pins for your blog website posts. Once they pin it, you can see it gets re-pins. This means you can find out if the pin any tribe member has shared gets a re-pin on Pinterest.

These processes in Tailwind Communities are amplified based on how many groups you are inside.

Find and Join Tailwind Communities to Grow Faster.

You must search in Tailwind Communities for the new Community members available in your niche and join. Pin to that community constantly from the day you start, and pay attention to the engagement your pins are getting. Analyse if the reshare and re-pin numbers exceed the pins you add. If that is not the case, and nobody is pinning your weeks, leave this community and change its content with another new one. If it is benefiting you, stick around. It’s straightforward to do.

Does Tailwind for Pinterest cost anything? Can I use Tailwind for Free?

Yes, a Free Trial of Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram is possible to start and see if you like.

There’s no time limit for the trial, and you don’t need a credit card to sign up.

Get Free Tailwind for Pinterest and for Instagram (Trial here)

Is Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram worth the money?

Yes! Yes and Yes! It is 100% worth the money: the Tailwind for Pinterest pricing Plus and Instagram Plus at $14.99 for a month billed monthly.
Or Best Pinterest Plus and Instagram Plus at $9.99 per month, billed annually 119.88$ (save 60$).

Additional resources

Here, I add helpful resources related to Tailwind for Pinterest and Pinterest management:

Comparing the best Pinterest scheduling tools

Final Thoughts

Tailwind is a fantastic marketing tool for any Pinterest and Instagram users. It helps create multiple posts at once, upload new content from various sources, and find the best time to post about your audience area.

Even if you’re manually pinning to Pinterest, Tailwind is an excellent addition to your blog website promotion toolbox. It helps you take time away from your computer and reduce your daily effort.

The Board Lists, SmartLoop, and Smart. Bio is a unique feature that helps you expand your traffic from Pinterest and Instagram, schedule pins faster, and measure your analytics.

Overall, the insights and features in Tailwind make it a unique Pinterest and Instagram marketing platform, giving you a powerful toolkit that you can use for your social networks.

My post helps you to understand the fundamentals of Tailwind better.


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Design by Business Box Developer © All rights reserved

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